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Reasons to Visit Cairns Australia

Considered as one of Australia’s largest adventure sports capitals, Cairns also consists of a huge list of things to do and to view to have a great experience in a lifetime. Here are the top reasons to visit Cairns in Australia.

Cairns Australia Whale Watching

After you finish exploring colorful fishes in the Great Barrier Reef, it would be time to see some huge fish. Right from the month of May to September, it will be a good time to go whale watching in Cairns. The Great Barrier Reef sanctuary consists of nearly 25 species of cetaceans which is around thirty percent of the world’s total living cetacean species.

Cairns Australia White Water Rafting

Water rafting is the mist one to do in North Queensland as the ride through it provides you the wonderful travel through the world’s oldest constantly growing tropical rain forests on rivers that you could run totally wild. There are various routes in different levels and you can pick from the full day or half-day rafting and few routes like the Barron River tour approximately takes 15 mins to reach from Cairns.

Cairns Australia Great Barrier Reef

Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and most of the visitors prefer to take trips and tours from there. Even most of the tour operators suggest Great Barrier Reef packages as they are cheaper than elsewhere in the country.

Whether you want to enjoy dive or want to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef is the best place as it offers a wonderful journey in a deluxe 100-passenger boat in an hour, with an onboard marine biologist.

Great Barrier Reef stretched for almost 2,500 kilometers, is one of the planet’s richest ecosystems consisting of dazzling diversity of soft and hard-soft corals as well as plenty of species of mollusks, fish, and other marine animals, including sharks, turtles, and dolphins.

Cairns Australia Tropical Wines

Cairns is known as the world’s famous and the first tropical wine place, and it is well worth trying their tasty liquors and wines. North Queensland is the best wine region present in Australia and what sets this place apart is that you won’t find your standard Shiraz or Chardonnay as the winemakers are rather interested in the use of tropical fruits to create their wine. Instead of vineyards, here you would find fruits orchards with pineapples, bananas, mangos, and passion fruit.

Cairns Australia Ballooning

If you have tried Ballooning before but missed it because of bad weather, then your next try should be at Cairns. Cairns consist of the best weather for ballooning in the world, ballooning trips are very rarely canceled at this place because of its awesome weather and you can do the activity year-round.

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