About Paris

Surprising Facts You Should Know About Paris

Paris often called city of love and city of lights, has endured as a most beautiful and romantic city in the world for more than 500 years. Paris, capital of France, is one of the world’s leading centres for entertainment, business, fashion and for art and culture. The city is stocked with world-famous landmarks, cathedrals, and museums. Even world’s finest designer brands including L’oreal, Lancome and much more are from Paris city. And for these reasons, it is called as city of fashion. Its shopping scene ranges from top-notch malls to open-air markets and boutiques.

Here are few interesting things you have to know about Paris:

Love Towards Language

Paris is well known for its love towards its language. Paris has a good reputation for not speaking any other languages as other countries do. However, Parisians even know pretty good English.

Paris Is Stylish And Sexy

The maximum people who live in Paris are so stylish. They will have a classic grace and style that goes beyond fashion. The way Parisians talk, walk, breeze, eat, smoke and everything they do is just cool and sexy. They are not only well dressed but also have fantastic figures. Parisians look very slim and healthy. Not only the people at Paris look stylish and sexy, but the city itself look more stylish and beautiful. It offers a wide range of breath-taking views, from beautiful buildings to the hot cafes, you can find everything stunning at Paris

Paris Is Not Just For Young People

Many top tourist destinations like Goa and London offer something great only for young people. But Paris city offers attractions for people of all ages.  

Provides Amazing Street Music

The street musicians at Paris city are not just buskers but are the fantastic profession musicians who take you to the whole new level with their amazing music talent. You can enjoy many bands and orchestras every day playing in squares and parks at Paris. And it is well worth to stop and to listen to their music.

Famous For Chairs

Though this may sound little weird, it is a fact that you cannot find even a single bench in Paris parks, they will have only chairs. Everyone who visits parks at Paris picks up two chairs, one to sit and one to keep their feet. The parks at Paris offers perfect spots to relax for a few hours.

Paris Inspires You

There is something beautiful about Paris that it inspires everyone. With its amazing places to visit, it makes you to get up early in the morning and to explore its must-visit places. It offers bustling yet relaxing place to spend your day. Even many writers prefer Paris as their ideal place because it is the best place to pick ideas.
Best place for shopping

Shopping in Paris is one thing that you can’t resist. Every shop in Paris city is like a magnetic bar that pulls you back to their door to buy leather handbags, shoes, clothes, stylish accessories, and jewellery.

Provides Lively Nightlife

If you think Paris looks very beautiful in the day time, then just wait for the night. After the sun sets, it’s beauty is increased more with Eiffel Tower lit with lights and twinkling display. At night, cool cafes at Paris turn into even cooler wine bars, and amazing candle lit hotels appear on Paris roads that you hadn’t even noticed on mornings.

With well-packed activities, dazzling nightlife and stunning places to explore, Paris is a perfect destination that offers something interesting for every traveller.